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Switching To Origin

Welcome to the party

It's never been easier to switch to Origin - we do all of the work for you.

No MAC key, no back-and-forth, and absolutely no hassle.

Once you've chosen the package that's right for you, our transfer team will arrange everything with your previous supplier, send out a brand new router, and keep you informed as your order progresses.


A couple of conditions

Two exceptions to this are if you are in a fixed contract with your current provider or your current provider is Virgin Media.

In both these instances, you must contact your current provider before you take out an order or you may find that you are still being billed by that provider after the switch.

Can't find what you're looking for?

While we've tried to cover the most important stuff, if you'd like to suggest a topic we'll be happy to add to the knowledge base. In the meantime, our technical support lines are always open!