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Connecting via Ethernet

Why choose Ethernet over WiFI?

A hard-wired connection is the most efficient way to connect your devices to the internet.

This completely removes the wireless signal loss experienced with a wireless router; it's also how we ask our customers to test their connection speed.


How to connect with Ethernet

To connect a device to the router, simply plug an Ethernet cable from the device's Ethernet port to one of the yellow LAN ports on the back. There is usually an Ethernet cable included with the router. Once plugged in, you should now automatically be connected to your network. N16 back

Anything else?

To optimise broadband signal, it's a good idea to connect the router to the telephone master socket; that's usually the one closest to where the telephone line enters the building.

This becomes more important if your connection is run over an older telephone line. You don't have to use the master socket, but you'll get the best performance if you do!

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