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Asus DSL-AC68U

The gold standard

The ASUS DSL-AC68U is the most powerful router that we offer.

Capable of supporting a large number of simultaneous users across a wide area, this top-of-the-range router is perfect for anyone looking to optimise their Origin Broadband home connection.


Features & benefits:

  • ADSL/VDSL compatible modem/Router
  • Helps you to free space, instead of having to deal with the clutter of two separate devices.
  • Delivers effective and reliable connectivity to your premises
  • Wireless 'N300' and 'AC1900' all-in-one device
  • Wireless-N300 technology allows you to access a 300mbps internal connection between devices.
  • AC1900 is the fastest internal network technology from our best router
  • Delivers an internal speed of 1900Mbps to compatible devices
  • Fitted with four Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet ports
  • Allows you to create incredibly fast and reliable wired connections through the AC68U's four 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
  • Dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless N and AC speeds
  • A standard 2.4Ghz frequency that will keep wireless devices connected and online
  • A 5Ghz frequency delivers much higher amounts of data
  • A 5Ghz frequency does not interfere with most devices that a 2.4Ghz frequency normally would
  • Allows for connections to become much stronger and reliable as there is less interference and “noise”
  • Ideal for up to 15 wireless devices
  • Great for large families that have a high amount of connected devices at home
  • Dual USB, giving 3g or 4g backup or USB storage compatibility
  • The AC68U router supports dual USB ports for 3g or 4g backup
  • £124.99 including delivery
  • A competitive price, below RRP
  • The router, once purchased, is 100% yours
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